A "planned" gift enables a donor to make a positive financial difference for the donor and for her/his family, while also making an important gift to the Kendal Community. Planned gifts are often thought of as "leaving a legacy" that benefits not only the donor and the donor’s family, but also the future of the Kendal Community.

When considering any planned giving option, we encourage you to have a conversation with your financial advisors as to the gift vehicle that would be the most advantageous given your assets and current financial circumstances.


Gifts that you can make now without impacting your cash flow, lifestyle, or impacting your family security:

• Bequests

• Beneficiary of IRA

• Beneficiary of a retirement plan

• Beneficiary of a life insurance policy

*An individual may include a Kendal Community in her/his will by leaving a percentage of an estate, a specific dollar amount, or by naming their community as the residual beneficiary.

This may also apply to an IRA, Insurance policy other type of retirement plan.


While there are various kinds of planned giving vehicles, the three most common are:

• Charitable Gift Annuity

• Charitable Remainder Trusts

• Charitable Lead Trust

Under the right circumstances, a planned gift can provide a donor and his family with a variety of benefits including;
increasing current income for the donor or others, reducing income and/or estate taxes, reducing or avoiding capital gains taxes and passing assets on to family members at reduced tax costs.

For more information regarding GIVING OPTIONS and the advantage of planning a special gift
please contact your Kendal Community’s Chief Financial Officer, or Beverly Grove, Director for Philanthropy at Kendal: CLICK HERE